FREE #3 Fitness

Here is something you’ll rarely hear, “I’m a fat guy that is going to give you advice about fitness.” I’m talking body fitness too, and my BMI is 33. I know you’re thinking, “How can I take advice from someone who is obese? or even morbidly obese on some scales? Because a little more than 14 months ago, my BMI was 41. That’s 60 pounds down if you’re scoring at my home, or 27+ kilograms. I would have lost more, but my body started changing. I started losing “back fat.”

Turns out, it doesn’t show up in the mirror, or really on the scale because I’m apparently developing what I’d like to call “flabs.” I swim about three times a week, not doing laps or anything too stressful, I started doing it because honestly, it was a way to stretch without getting stuck in weird yoga positions on my living room floor. I still hear the shoulder and knee cracks when I’m underwater. But my arms are more defined, my legs look great and if I had a bottom, I’m sure it would look more impressive. My belly still has some “dun-lap” (as in ma belly dun lapped over my belt).

I still can’t run/jog. My left knee won’t have it, even after losing almost 20 percent of myself. I can do minimal yoga (which is funny to watch I’m sure). And I still have a tan that only extends from my mid-thighs down, my shoulder to my finger-tips and my face/neck. To my eye, I still have a big-ole white belly. But other people have noticed. One friend even complimented (?) me by saying, “You’re not as fat as you think you are?” And therein lies the problem.

I’ve told myself I’m an obese slob for years of my life. Exercise? Why? I’m an overweight slob. Eat better? Why? I’m an fat-tub of goo. I was “actively” working against myself, and since I was passive, I didn’t mind drinking 3 liters of coke a day, having a pizza every couple and “eating healthy” by having a couple sausage mcstuffins for breakfast, hitting a Chinese buffet for lunch and then eating chicken on pasta (with an alfredo) for dinner. If Chik-fil-hey is healthy, maybe it’s time to rethink healthy.

Yes, I still eat that stuff, but that’s only because it’s delicious, but I stopped eating it as often and started watching what I was eating. I seriously started tracking my steps with a free app I got for my phone (please turn off your notifications). As the weight sluffed off, I noticed it was easier to do certain things, like actually walking 10,000 steps in a day. I started “pushing” myself to get more steps, and started skipping seconds. I also started getting a “to-go” box with my meals so I could just take half of it and pop it in before I started eating. I started intentionally slowing down (which people at work hated) and low and behold, I don’t get “hungry.” I stopped “bored” eating. I don’t have snacks in the house that I like. And lately, I’ve done the strangest thing. I started cooking food on my own.

So far, in the past 7 months, I’ve saved an average of $45 a week, which doesn’t sound like much, until you look at it this way. I gave myself a $1345 cash raise in the months I tracked it. By not tracking I didn’t pay attention. I was passive, but decided to be active.

Now I’m not going to be participating in the Iron Man anytime soon. And that’s not my ultimate goal. But I don’t look at myself in the mirror and call myself names anymore. My active voice can overcome those negative thoughts. So yes I do tell myself that I’m going to be an active participant in my life, and I tell myself I’m going to eat healthier and move more.

That is my new truth.

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