Image Is Everything (and nothing)

(My son Karts indoors @ French Lick Indiana. 2018)

The picture above is all about image. It’s a chance shot that paid off. If you glance you can draw several conclusions. First, he’s flying. Second, he’s about to nail the apex and then the gas to carry the speed through the corner. He looks for all the world like a young Rob Nguyen, the Australian born (Vietnamees descent) racer, showing his focus, skills and determination pursuing another win.

Of course, I could let you think that, except for the fact that it isn’t true.

Truth is, dad panned the camera so the background would be blurry. He’s the slowest car on the track by about 3 seconds a lap. He’s driving carefully because, as the lightest driver in the cars, that Kart will swap ends fast. He’s already had 2 dad’s (not his own) put him into the wall & it’s his first lap in the “big boy” carts that top out around 30-35mph – and his legs aren’t long enough to nail it.

To him, “Apex” is the company that made the portable DVD player lost somewhere in his closet.

In other words, he drives on a racetrack like 98% of the driving his dad does on the roads. Too slow, too deliberate and too concerned with the idiots in the other cars.

My son is blissfully unaware of many things. Part of that is parental shielding, but part of it is his makeup.

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